Got questions?

Here are answers to obvious questions you probably have.
  • Is the app free?

    Technically speaking, yes, it is. You only pay if you fail to meet your weekly goals. And if you quit before your commitment ends, you pay a one time fee of $9.
  • Do you support other devices?

    Currently, we only support the Apple Watch. Plans to support Fitbit, Android Wear devices, and Garmin wearables are in the pipeline.
  • What happens if I quit before the duration of my commitment?

    You pay a one time fee of $9. Think of it as a fee for breaking a contract.
  • Do I end up paying the $9 fee if I miss some or all my weekly goals?

    Absolutely not. The only reason you'd pay this fee is if you ended your commitment prematurely. Otherwise, regardless of how many times you fail your weekly goals, you will never have to pay the $9 quitting fee, provided you stuck through the entire duration of the commitment.
  • Is there any circumstance that would allow me to quit without paying this fee?

    Sadly, no. This is because we're trying to minimize the potential for abuse. If we provide even the slightest allowance for quitting without consequence, it will eventually be abused. It's just human nature. We just can't help it.
  • How can I reach you if I have any further questions?

    You can always email us at We're always happy to hear from you!
  • What is the penalty for failing to meet my weekly goal?

    If at the end of each week, you fail to meet all the fitness metrics for that week, you pay a set penalty. The amount of this penalty is up to you, the user.
  • Who gets these penalty fees?

    The penalty fees are used to keep the app running, add improvements, and pay our developers.
  • Why the fee of $9?

    The one time $9 fee is to help you stick through the course. You only have to worry about this fee if you're quitting your commitment before its end date.
  • How soon does my commitment start once I sign up?

    Your commitment will always start on Monday of the following week.
  • What happens if I met my goals for the week but I wasn't tracking it on the app?

    You must use your fitness tracker if you want to capture your fitness activity on Lazy Jar. This is the only way we can confirm your fitness activity at the end of each week. Remember to sync your Apple Watch regularly.