This fitness app will help you meet your New Year's resolution for being more active.

published on 20 December 2021
New Years resolutions.
New Years resolutions.

As another eventful year comes to an end, it's only natural to start thinking of new beginnings. A new year represents an opportunity to start with a clean slate, or maybe a chance to realize our various goals and aspirations finally.

A common aspiration for most is staying fit. But we all know that the zeal of the New Year will eventually wane, and we're right back where we started. So what's the source of this recurring problem?

For starters, when we commit to being fitter, we may not realize it, but we're trying to pick up a new lifestyle. A lifestyle that's probably radically different from our current less active one. The thing about a lifestyle is that it is a collection of habits that we have sustained over a considerable period. So to adopt a new lifestyle, you'll need patience and consistency.

Consistency is the secret sauce to almost any goal. But it's surprisingly hard to maintain, mainly because we don't appreciate the immediate repercussions of failing to be consistent.

Maintaining consistency is precisely the reason we built Lazy Jar. Lazy Jar is a fitness app based on a straightforward premise, consistency. Lazy Jar will hold you accountable for your fitness goals each week.

Lazy Jar does this by having the user commit to meeting their goals for three fitness criteria. Calories, minutes of activity, and distance covered. As the user, you set the goals, and your job is to meet them each week. You pay a fiscal (you also set the amount for the penalty) penalty for any week you fail to meet either of these goals.

We're betting that over time with this approach, you will gradually graft on new habits that will improve your lifestyle for the better and thereby help you realize that elusive New Years' resolution to get fitter.

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