Motivation is overrated, and consistency is underrated

updated on 16 June 2021

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Get on Youtube and look up “Motivational Speech” and you’ll find an endless list of celebrities waxing eloquent about how we should “grab life by the horns,” “get up and go do it,” “never give up,” and many other adrenaline-inducing contemporary soliloquies.

And with each video are an inexhaustible troop of comments from people affirming that they are ready to take on the world and achieve their coveted life goals. The funny thing is I was one of the commenters.

After watching one of these visual adrenaline shots, I’d hit the gym and sweat myself silly. But the problem quickly became evident when I wouldn’t do the same thing the next day.

At any moment when life suddenly put a speed bump in my routine, I’d suddenly lose momentum. All that zeal built up from hunting for motivation would quickly dissipate like salt in water.

What I only slowly started realizing was that motivation only thrived in a comfortable setting. And if there’s anything we need to accept about life, it is that it is hardly ever a pleasant trip. It is unpredictable and mentally taxing.

A mental framework that requires a comfortable setting to shine will never grow. Rather than focusing on finding motivation, we should be working on building a habit of consistency.

Unlike motivation, consistency is a pragmatic endeavor that recognizes that repetition creates the mental callus required to push through the muddy roads of life to reach our goals. Consistency is an honest assessment of the journey ahead. It recognizes that the proverbial journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, repeated over a million times.

Rather than motivation, consistency is what Lazy Jar aims to foster. Lazy Jar reminds you to keep showing up on a weekly basis. Lazy Jar tells you that achieving your fitness goals is a journey built on consistency and patience.

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