Motivation is overrated.

Sustainably make fitness part of your life.

Lazy Jar is a fitness app that makes you pay for being lazy.

Lazy Jar is a fitness app that makes you pay for being lazy. It's like a gym where you only pay if you don't go. Unlike most other fitness apps of this nature, Lazy Jar doesn't reward you for working out. It punishes you for not working out.

Lazy Jar does this by reading your wearable data (e.g., via HealthKit) and determining if you met your weekly personal goals. And if you didn't, it penalizes you a monetary amount which you bet against yourself. Your penalty will be used to keep the app operational and pay our developers.

Why Lazy Jar

Lazy Jar allows people of all different fitness levels to become a better version of their current selves. With Lazy Jar, you get to set your weekly personal goals. Whether you're an athlete or just an individual who feels they could use more exercise in their life, Lazy Jar allows you to set weekly fitness metrics that can allow you to accomplish this goal. Whether you want to get six-pack abs or want to maintain your cardiovascular health, Lazy Jar can help you achieve and sustain these goals.

Lazy Jar doesn't prescribe workout routines. You have to find a way to burn calories. Consistently sweating is more critical than the type of contemporary workout you adopt. Lazy Jar forces you to get the most out of your gym by encouraging you to work out or be penalized for not doing so. It's that simple.

Lazy Jar wouldn't cost you a dime if you always meet your weekly goals. And the best part is that you end up a stronger fitter person for consistently meeting your goals.