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How Lazy Jar works

You only pay if you don't work.
  • 1

    First, pick the duration of your commitment

    You will be responsible for meeting your weekly goals during this duration.
    E.g. 3 months or 9 months.
  • 2

    Select your fitness tracker.

    Currently, Lazy Jar supports the Fitbit and the Apple Watch. This way, you only have to worry about meeting your fitness goals and not manually tracking your activity. All your fitness activities will be collected from your fitness tracker.
  • 3

    Set your weekly goals.

    The idea is to do your best to reach each goal before the week is up.
    These four metrics define your goals, "Calories," "Miles," "Minutes of activity," and "Steps."

    Sample weekly goals:
    Miles : 30 miles
    Steps : 60,000 steps
    Calories: 17,000 calories
    Minutes of activity: 200 minutes
  • 4

    Set your weekly penalty.

    Define an amount you're willing to pay in penalties for any week you fail to meet your goals.

    E.g. You can set a penalty of $5, that you'll pay, for any week you fail to meet your fitness goals.
  • 5

    Consistency is key.

    The average Lazy Jar user improves their fitness lifestyle by 86%.
    This improvement is due to consistency.
    Lazy Jar empowers its users to keep showing up, whether it's to show up for a run, a walk, or a quick sweat at the gym.
  • 6

    Try not to quit

    The whole point of Lazy Jar is to help you build discipline and encourage a more active lifestyle.
    If you decide to quit your commitment before your 3,6 or 9 months are up, you pay a one time fee of $9.
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